You’ve just been invited out to eat with friends on a Saturday night. You really like these people so you don’t even hesitate to accept the invite.
But then it hits you……..the panic, you break into a flash sweat as you contemplate:
“What am I going to order?”
“How do I know if it will fit my macros?”
“OMG, I’m going to blow ALL of my progress in one meal!”
“There’s no way I can go out and eat without my beloved food scale!”
“I have to cancel!”

Hold your horses there ACE!

You don’t have to give up your social life or dinner plans. You simply need to follow a handful of best practices to ensure you have a successful night out with friends.
“I have to cancel!”

The first step to dining out is a strategy you have been using all of this time.

1. Planning – Just as you plan out your regular day, plan out your evening dining trip. Most restaurants have menus online, and some even offer nutritional information. Do a little research to find out what you can learn about the food they serve. If they have the nutritional info available, your life just got a lot easier. Simply plug it in to your day in advance to make sure it fits. If they don’t have nutritional info available, find a comparable restaurant with similar foods that do have nutritional info available and make the adjustments as necessary.
Also, with a quick search on Google you can find nutritional info for just about

anything, just be sure to use good judgment depending on what you find. The internet is not always right.

2. Conserve – In the event you find the perfect menu item, you may need to conserve some of your proteins, fats, and carbs throughout the day leading up to dinner. Generally speaking, restaurants don’t go light on butter, cheese, starch, and portion size. So plugging it into your tracking app first thing in the morning and mapping out your entire day will help you make the macro cuts you need during breakfast and lunch to make your dinner something special.

3. Double Check – Once you get to the restaurant be sure to ask your waiter about the dish you are about to order.

Because you may of had to make some variations to fit your macros, you may need to make some changes to the dish.
Ask things like: “How many ounces of meat are in this dish?” “How is the dish prepared (fried, baked, grilled, etc.)?” “Is it prepared with butter or oils?” If you need to conserve fats, be sure to ask them if it can be prepared without the butter, oils, or sauces (ask for grilled, baked, or steamed).

And if you absolutely don’t trust the serving staff and nutritional info online, you certainly have the option to bring your food scale with you.
But most people just won’t feel comfortable whipping out a food scale in the middle of a night out on the town.
So making the appropriate estimations before hand (while its not the most accurate) is much better than not tracking at all. If you end going over a little on you macros, it is not going to completely derail your progress.

The greatest benefit of living the flexible diet lifestyle is because you can eat anything you want as long as it fits. And part of that benefit resides in being able to go out and have a nice dinner with family or friends from time to time.

So estimate the best you can, keep your portions in moderation, and only eat until you’re full or out of macros. Planning in advance will allow you to focus on the people you are there to spend time with instead of obsessing over whether or not you are ruining your progress.

Now you are ready to forth and order out like a pro!