Time for a quick temperature check!

How consistent is your fitness progress?
How are your health goals coming along?
Do your results seem sluggish or stalled out?
Are you sure you are doing everything in your power to hit your goals?

I have created a list of questions below you should be asking yourself every time you feel frustrated with your results.

If you answer “yes” to anything in this list then you can be doing more and should be doing more to get the results you are working so hard for.

Are you exceeding your macros by 5 grams of carbs & protein targets and/or 3 grams for fat target more than once per week?
Are you estimating (guessing) serving sizes frequently?
Have you had a huge blow-out/cheat day in the last month or so?
When you choose inputs in LoseIt or MyFitnessPal (or any other macro tracking app you use) do you choose ones that are most favorable (i.e. the ones with lower macros)?

You should (1) be making sure the entry is “verified” or (2) if there is no verified entry you should be cross-referencing the information with either google nutrition or www.calorieking.com

If you have been prescribed extra cardio do you ever skip sessions?

Do you eat without tracking everything

Examples (there are tons but here are some common ones):
Cooking with oil or cooking spray and don’t count it.
Taking bites of food while preparing it.
Sips/bites of a friends food without tracking it.

Is more than 30% of your carb or fat intake being used for alcohol on a regular basis?

Are you regularly drinking alcohol on refeed days?